Have your ever googled your name? Well if you had the misfortune to think that using your name and namesake email to register on sites was a great idea, then you’re going to find a lot of embarrassing shit that may make you look bad in front of potential employers and your friends (who will bring that up to embarrass\blackmail you).

So here it is my 6-Step Program to clean up your online presence

Step 1:

Google your name , email, username (with your name in it)

Step 2:

Access those sites which make you look bad and try to change your username and then close the account if possible, if not go through deleting/editing each post

Step 3:

Realize that there sites which crawls the Internet and collects everything and then re-posts it over the Internet.

Step 4:

Make new email address , forward emails from old email address to new email address .

Step 5:

Start new accounts with your old username and leave details that do not represent you (i.e. change country, gender, occupation, etc).

Step 6:

Repeat after me “I solemnly swear I will never register in my name again”.