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So far vaping these nifty gadgets has worked so well for me that I’ve given up smoking for good. I feel healthier and my withdrawal symptoms for nicotine are not half as bad as they are with smoking cigarettes.

The one problem so far with electric cigarettes is that its hard to trim down the nicotine content to 0MG especially since an electric cigarette takes a while to require a refill or recharge.  The thing about vaping is that you have to make a choice between either vaping constantly, while rapidly increasing your dependance for nicotine or vaping like you smoke (which is a little harder to do with 18MG liquids), which for me would be 15 drags every 45-60 minutes..

The biggest mistake I made so far was vaping with 30-36MG nicotine content, because while its brilliant it may have slightly increased my tolerance for nicotine. With a little effort I got back to vaping 18-24MG and I’ll try to decrease it later on in life.

Cost so far

In 40 days I’ve managed to to spend just under 400 Euros, but there is a lot of room for cutting costs. I must also note that I stocked up for July and August so it is not as expensive as it sounds.

Cutting costs

One could start mixing his own juices or buy a Bulli repairable atomizer with a battery mod which takes 18650 batteries. Obviously they cost a whole lot more than the semi-disposable stuff vendors sell, but as far as maintance goes they would definetely pay off in the long run.

Atty Market

My iTank atomizers died after 3 weeks, which forced me to try out some new stuff and I eventually found something I really liked. Atomizers are supposed to last between 2 weeks to maximum a month.

eGo-TThe Joye eGo-T atomizer is definetely better than its copycat brother the Bauway iTank. It wicks better, does not leak as much and delivers quite an amount of vapour. Like its copycat brother, the flavour is poor and the throat hit isn’t very good, but I still recommend it for beginners.

Piper AttyNext I tried the Piper Atty, which gives out loads of vapour and flavour, but is unfortunetely extremely delicate & unreliable (vendor replaced them twice). I don’t know if the iTank\eGo Batteries are causing it to stop working, but if somebody else could confirm their unreliability then I retract the recommendation of it as a good starter kit, just go with a good eGo Tank starker kit or Liberro realis if you want something that looks like a cigarette (although haven’t tried them, just heard good things about them.


Cartomizers unlike atomizers last for around 2-6 days and thus are very cost effective. LR Boges are going for £1!

My setup at the moment is with Dual Coil Cartomizers, which are the most cost-effective ones I’ve found so far. They have a throat hit like nothing else and in my opinion deliver the best all worlds. I’ve also tried the standard Boge Cartos (last longer, same flavour, but have the same throat hit of tanks and take around 10-15 drops). Sometime after my cartos give up the ghost I’ll try out the LR Boges, but I do not have high expectations of those tiny things.

Recenetely I’ve tried the Bauway XL Cartomizers, but they’re going for £3.99 a pop which is very expensive for something that is supposedly worth 3 dual coil cartomizers. They definetely run at lower temperatures, which should mean a better life and with that price tag I should fucken hope so. Flavour is not so good, but the throat hit and vapour on these things are wicked as fuck.

I also got a couple of clearos’ and M404 in the post  (gonna rejuvinate my intellicig).

My Setup

Right now I’m keeping my atomizers for backup purposes. I use 3 cartomizers at a time and keep them going for over week which would average at just over 2 days per cartomizer and I keep eGo/iTank 3 batteries charged. The only thing thats getting me worried at the moment are the batteries, some of which I charge around twice a day. 300 charge cycles is kind of too little for me, which may either mean I’m gonna have to spend a few tens of euros on these buggers or I’m gonna have to get a big mod (which I don’t like).

For this week - I’ve got Standard Boge, Dual Coil and Bauway XL cartomizers with each having a battery. Very convienent for vaping on the go and at home. If any of you smokers are thinking of using nicotine replacement therapy with ecigs, stop thinking and go for it. Do yourselves a favour and order an eGo Tank starter kit or a Liberro Realis from either one of the vendors from Scotts site:


I quit smoking on the 29th April 2011, but I had my very last cigarette on the 7th May. It was four hours before heading out to the bars to meet some friends, you see, I got cold feet, because I am a little bit socially anxious and what-not, but I am glad I had that last cigarette. You see after a while your taste buds and sense of smell comes back, and smoking becomes the equivalent of emptying an ash tray in your mouth.

I am still very much addicted to nicotine, you see, I wasn’t interested in quitting nicotine, because alone, nicotine is not a very harmful substance, its the smoke with its 5000 chemicals (most of which cancer-causing) that does the killing and deteriorates your health. So I replaced smoking with something else.

I don’t smoke anymore, now I vape. I get my nicotine fix from an amazing new gadget called an electronic cigarette and e-liquid (Propylene glycol with nicotine). Some assholes think its harmful and should be banned, but I think that it is a load of hogwash. Think about it: What is safer, inhaling vapour or smoke? But anyways that’s not the point, the point is that with this amazing thing I’ve managed to kick smoking and improve my health. I’ve been using this thing for over 20 days and I am already feeling the health benefits (no more coughing and itchy throat).
I love everything about it, except the expense, but oh well I guess you can’t put a price on health.

For smokers who are interested check out the Piper Tank, you won’t regret it.