I quit smoking on the 29th April 2011, but I had my very last cigarette on the 7th May. It was four hours before heading out to the bars to meet some friends, you see, I got cold feet, because I am a little bit socially anxious and what-not, but I am glad I had that last cigarette. You see after a while your taste buds and sense of smell comes back, and smoking becomes the equivalent of emptying an ash tray in your mouth.

I am still very much addicted to nicotine, you see, I wasn’t interested in quitting nicotine, because alone, nicotine is not a very harmful substance, its the smoke with its 5000 chemicals (most of which cancer-causing) that does the killing and deteriorates your health. So I replaced smoking with something else.

I don’t smoke anymore, now I vape. I get my nicotine fix from an amazing new gadget called an electronic cigarette and e-liquid (Propylene glycol with nicotine). Some assholes think its harmful and should be banned, but I think that it is a load of hogwash. Think about it: What is safer, inhaling vapour or smoke? But anyways that’s not the point, the point is that with this amazing thing I’ve managed to kick smoking and improve my health. I’ve been using this thing for over 20 days and I am already feeling the health benefits (no more coughing and itchy throat).
I love everything about it, except the expense, but oh well I guess you can’t put a price on health.

For smokers who are interested check out the Piper Tank, you won’t regret it.